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Deluxe Engraved Leather Collar with O ring

Deluxe Engraved Leather Collar with O ring


Look at your neck. Look at your friend's neck. Now look at this picture. Both of your necks would look better and likely vampire-proof with this collar on it.

It's a 1.5-inch wide leather collar - made to last forever. This one is built from heavy leather, with edge beveling for comfort, and a welded steel bondage ring mounted in the front. All of the hardware is solid steel, even the rivets - not your average stamped sheet metal ones you normally see with leather products.

It's got hexagons on it - I can do this in plain or with other engraving as a custom order. Fits necks between 12" and 15".

This listing is for one leather collar, please select whether your hardware finish and engraving options before ordering.

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